Our Refund Policy


Got a Flexible ticket? Find out how to get a full or partial refund.

You can get a refund if:

- You purchased a Flexible (refundable) fare
- You haven't used your ticket.
- You've only used one half of a round-trip ticket (when the outbound OR return part of the ticket is completely unused, you'll get the unused half of the ticket refunded).

You can't get a refund if:

- You have partially used both parts of a round-trip ticket.
- You've lost your ticket (if you bought your ticket online you can print another one here).
- The bus is late (unfortunately, things like traffic, weather and mechanical problems mean we can't guarantee our arrival or departure times). Use bustracker.greyhound.com(link opens in a new tab) to check the status of your bus now.
- You already bought a full price ticket but you're entitled to a discounted ticket (we can't refund you the discount ? you need to ask for the discount when you buy the ticket).

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